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Foods To Avoid With Gout

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Foods To Avoid With Gout

Gout (gouty arthritis) and uric acid crystal deposits can be strongly linked to diet. Eating habits, weight management and nutrition play a special role in triggering as well as preventing gout for an individual. The concept of diet in relation to gout is not complicated. Uric acid crystallization usually occurs if there is an abnormally high or abnormally low uric acid level in the body. Uric acid is common in our blood serum due to purine metabolism. However, the liver, and most importantly, the kidneys are responsible in keeping the level of uric acid in normal range. Uric acid is excreted mostly through urine.


It has been proven that controlling obesity and maintaining normal weight can reduce the chance of a person to experience gout significantly. Avoiding seafood and meat products that are high in purine also proves to be effective even in obese patients. Lowering your consumption of alcohol and sugar also contributes in lowering the risk of gout. Increasing intake of water and other fluids as well as vitamin C helps to avoid hyperuricemia. Coffee has also been proven significant in avoiding development of hyperuricemia. A low fat, low protein, low purine diet is just appropriate if you want to avoid gout outbreaks in the future. Here are the foods to avoid list:

Foods very high in purines include:


• hearts

• herring

• mussels

• yeast

• smelt

• sardines

• sweetbreads

Foods moderately high in purines include:

• anchovies, grouse, mutton, veal, bacon, liver

• salmon, trout, scallops

• turkey, goose, pheasant

• kidneys

• partridge

• haddock


Of course there are recommended foods and food products recommended for people who are looking forward to lower their uric acid levels. The recommended food items are:


• berry family, cherries, blueberries, strawberries

• Vegetables including kale, cabbage, parsley, tomato, celery, green-leafy vegetables

• Pineapple and other foods high in bromelain

• Red cabbage, tangerine, bell peppers, oranges or foods high in vitamin C

• fruit juices and purified water (about 8 glasses of water per day)

• dairy products (choose low fat)

• breads, cereals, pasta, rice,

• Chocolate or cocoa

• Coffee, tea

• Carbonated beverages

• tuna and salmon, flaxseed, nuts, seeds

• Tofu


There you have it. So the next time you are considering getting a medication prescription, make sure that you will try modifying your lifestyle and nutrition first. Not just that it will save you from expensive pills but you can also avoid gout in a healthy, mouth-watering strategy suitable for all ages.

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